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Marilyn Strong makes her writing debut with “Psycho Chick and her God”. It took 10 years to complete and published in 2018 and republished in 2021. While writing this fictional story she draws from some of her personal experiences; which are experienced by the main character, Madison.


Writing caused cleansing, the tears flow like rain. She was apprehensive about revealing some of life’s valley moments. She has suffered at the hands of those who said they loved her, but God has sustained her. Her finances suffered, but God kept the creditors' content. She has peace of mind and not just a piece of her mind. She will be the first to admit God is not finished with her and she is a work in progress.


What motivates Marilyn is that she is learning to trust God even when she does not understand Him.  When "stuff" happens, she knows God is well equipped to take care of any situation.  

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